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Our sponsors make the Philadelphia100® Award Program possible! Learn more about them below.


Wipfli is pleased to sponsor the Philadelphia100® awards, which recognize the 100 fastest growing, privately held entrepreneurial companies in the greater Philadelphia region.

With more than 2,900 associates and 84,000 clients, Wipfli ranks among the top 20 accounting and consulting firms in the nation. Business today is more fluid than ever. Helping firms achieve their goals takes imagination, discipline and a process that delivers results today while anticipating tomorrow’s demands.  That’s Wipfli. Learn more at www.wipfli.com.


Founded in 2004 by accomplished business lender Chris Annas, Meridian Bank knows business because it’s run like a business. A strong, local community bank that has grown steadily through innovation and its own entrepreneurial spirit, Meridian has a deep connection to and understanding of the needs and financial considerations of the business, real estate and start-up communities in Greater Philadelphia. As a results, Meridian has provided financing for thousands of business owners, innovators and entrepreneurs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, helping them to grow and succeed.



At Insperity, it’s not just HR outsourcing, it’s HR that makes a difference.™ Our comprehensive, scalable HR solutions offer an optimal blend of service and technology to facilitate growth by streamlining processes related to payroll, benefits, talent management and HR compliance. We provide the tools to help you lighten your administrative load, maximize productivity and manage risks – so you can focus on growth. Because that’s what it means to have a true HR partner. For more information, visit http://www.insperity.com.


Over 90 years ago, Archer opened its doors and has grown into one of the largest law firms headquartered in New Jersey. Archer has evolved to offer the depth and breadth of services consistent with that of a large law firm, yet we remain committed to providing the responsiveness, efficiency, flexibility and personal attention expected from a mid-size law firm. Our staff currently consists of nearly 175 attorneys and 21 paralegals across eight offices in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware. This places our law firm among the five largest in the State of New Jersey and 13 largest in the Philadelphia-Delaware Valley Region. We are proud of the long-standing relationships we have with our clients, many of whom we have represented for 25 years or more. While our clients appreciate the results we achieve, the way we achieve those results is equally important to them, making them full partners in the legal process – keeping them informed and inviting their participation every step of the way.

Archer’s Intellectual Property (IP) Group provides services that span the full range of intellectual property matters, including:

  • Patent Counseling & Licensing
  • Patent Litigation
  • Trademark Law
  • Copyrights
  • Trade Secrets, Know-How and Confidential Information Protection
  • Licensing and Transfer
  • Litigation

If you would like further information on how our firm can assist you in addressing intellectual property issues, contact Mark J. Sever, Esq. at msever@archerlaw.com or 856-354-3045 or any member of our Intellectual Property Group at 856-795-2121 or visit www.archerlaw.com.